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Redesign UI UX Case Study 

Redesign UX UI study case 

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About the project

As an avid user of the Facebook Marketplace, I identified a few interesting opportunities to solve some of the biggest problems I faced when buying/selling on it.

1 - Everytime I arrange a meeting with a buyer/seller, I experience anxiety and second thoughts about it.

2 - I find the discoverbility experience very outdated.


I decided to focus mostly on redesigning the top of the funnel experience, focusing on the homepage and item page, since after that part of the flow - you're on your own.

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 20.35 1.png

Item card, the way it is today.

Item Card

I redesigned the item card to help buyers better understand who are the sellers they might end up meeting with, before they click on the card.


Group 35938.png

Seeing more pictures of the items without clicking them, as well as saving to wishlists saves time for the buyers.


Group 35974.png
Group 35941.png (10).gif
Groupm 35936.png

Item cards can now include multiple items.


image 1415.png (11).gif
Groupm 35936.png
image 1414.png
image 1413.png
Rectangle 111111141.png

Intent-based Browsing 

People buy on the Marketplace for very specific intents, this section will help them browse by these. 


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Group 88.png
Group 85.png
Group 87.png
Group 89.png


Original Homepage

Group 35973.png

My Suggestion

hp new.png

Item Page

In order to increase trust even after clicking, I created on the item card indicators that will continue to generate trust in the user.



Original Item Page

My Suggestion

Group 35956.png
Group 35956.png
Group 35975.png
Group 35955.png
Group 35954.png

Thanks for scrolling ! 

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